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East Side Athletic Club

RESULTS DON'T JUST HAPPEN. YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD AND PUT IN THE TIME. LET US HELP YOU ACHIEVE THE RESULTS YOU WANT IN YOUR STRENGTH AND FITNESS TRAINING. Four walls and a roof only makes a gym. It’s the equipment and the individuals inside that make it a place where you can get the personal and group training that will allow you to achieve your goals. Unlike other Dallas gyms, we offer a state-of-the-art facility, along with the best fitness coaching talent in Texas.

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What was your first impression of ESAC? This place is where real people go for muscles, a body builder’s gym. It wasn’t boutique or commercial, not a chain but a local place with great facilities. 

What is your favorite aspect of ESAC? 
I really liked that it is tucked away, it gives the place a community neighborhood feel.
The classes and coaching, my coach actually knows my name, he knows my limits and encourages me to push them.

How have you transformed during your time at ESAC? I learned gains comes with pains, muscles take time to develop. I have found that slow, consistent and steady is my moto. Although the gym is important, it is only part of the equation, you need to dial in nutrition, sleep, rest days and hydration. It takes time to figure out what works for you. Everyone is unique and everyone’s plan will be different.

Have you reached any goals, what are your future goals at ESAC? Not yet, I have only just begun to understand how my body accepts muscles and where and how I can tweak my routine to achieve my dreams. I think a good attitude, an open-mind and willingness to leave your ego at the door is key to building a lifelong commitment to strength training.

What time do you attend ESAC?

If you could say one thing to your coaches without any repercussion, what would you say? 
Let’s dance, I often bust-a-move while lifting. It makes me smile.

What would you say to someone thinking about signing up at ESAC? If you want muscles there is no easy route. You need to put the time in, be committed every day to the mission. Consistency is very important, tracking your fitness really helps. It is important to see your progress so you can stay motivated, in addition you can determine where you need to improve. The key is not to burn yourself out but find a happy flow that works for your life and goals.

Lisa G.

What was your first impression of ESAC? I was intimidated, no doubt. I had never done strength training, except picking up a dumbell and doing workouts from Shape, or Health magazines a few times.  But I had done yoga for over a decade, and martial arts for several years. When you walk into a gym, or a dojo or a yoga studio, you're asking people to accept your presence, with all your bumps and flaws and quirks.  And I've been to enough yoga studios and dojos to know how to get a feel for the energy of a place- almost a sense of common purpose and community.  Some places have it, and some don't.  East Side has that energy, that sense of "we're all in this together".  Every single person there is working towards a goal, they all have a drive to better themselves.  And if you have a goal, whatever it is, or you have drive, even a little bit, you'll fit right in. 

What is your favorite aspect of ESAC? The people.  We could be lifingrocks  in a giant hut with a dirt floor (instead of using all this amazing equipment), and as long as the people were still there, it would be an amazing place.  William, this is not an indication that we need to get rid of the glut-ham machine!  Because I love that thing.

Have you reached any goals, what are your future goals at ESAC? I walked in wanting to do one push up and one pull up.  That was it.  I hit the push up goal on September 7, 2 months after signing up. And that day, I didn't do one, I did 5!  To give you a sense of how monumentous that was, when I started, I was so weak, Chris had me start with bodyweight workouts, and barbell movements with a dowel; I couldn't even lift the 35# barbell! Future goals are to compete in my first lifting meet in March, and deadlift 260# and squat 225#. (I still haven't done that pull up, but it's coming...)

What time do you attend ESAC? Any time they are open, but not before 9 am because I hate working out early.  I wish they were open all the time, because my schedule is so wacky!

What would you say to someone thinking about signing up at ESAC? Do it.  Take the plunge.  And keep taking that plunge.  It will be so, so worth it.  

Jen M.

What was your first impression of ESAC? My first impression of ESAC was that this program is exactly what I’ve been looking for! The workouts are very innovative, challenging, yet different every time. Coming from a collegiate athletics program it was hard to find a gym that offered the same kind of training. However, ESAC offers everything that I need and more!

What is your favorite aspect of ESAC? My favorite aspect of ESAC is the close-knit community. The class sizes aren’t overwhelmingly large, where everyone can seek just the right amount of attention from the coach. Everyone is so friendly and truly encourages one another throughout every workout. The positive, upbeat energy that the coaches and other members create, sets the tone for the class. Although we may have different goals that we are trying to obtain, we hold each other accountable in a unique way.

What time do you attend ESAC? I like to attend the class at noon. I’m a student, therefore it is nice to have a timeslot where I can get a workout in during class or lunch breaks.

Taylor P.

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