Training Instead of Exercising: How to Make Progress in the Gym - Part 1

Training Instead of Exercising: How to Make Progress in the Gym - Part 1

Part 1 - Training Defined

Since joining the strength and conditioning industry in 2011 I have come across a lot of different philosophies on how to make progress in the gym. Along with that, there seems to be an underlying confusion on the difference between training and exercising. At times they are the same but when it comes to achieving a physical goal, they are much different.

              Now first let’s clarify the difference between exercise and training. Training is exercise, but exercise is not necessarily training. Exercise and physical activity can be defined as anything that makes you move your body and burn calories. The activity can be performed for the effect it produces today/right now and not in a calculated progressive manner. Training is defined as physical activity performed to satisfy a long-term performance goal. A program is laid out with specific goals to be hit each day. No matter what the goal is physically, the greatest success will come from training and following a program.

              What does correct training look like? Good training programs start off easier with an emphasis on learning the skill of the movement. Many people have an idea that training starts at 100mph and you essentially beat yourself up. You make a little progress but that stalls quickly and it’s not long before you are tired of being hurt, sore, and mentally drained. A good coach will have you on a program that has different blocks of pushing hard and then backing off on intensity. Everything is calculated and recorded. When you come to a gym like East Side Athletic Club, we take care of the coaching and programming for you. The trainee’s job is to show up, listen, and give good effort. When trainees are consistent with this, progress can continue for many years without the need to switch many movements.

-Coach Austin

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