Barbell Medicine Seminar

Join Us In Dallas for the Barbell Medicine Seminar!

The seminar is very unique, as we attempt to integrate modern medicine and legitimate strength and conditioning together to provide the background knowledge, coaching strategies, nutrition and lifestyle modifications, and personal form corrections needed to work with folks who may have common health issues.

Seminar Lecture Series

Our lectures revolve around the most common health issues seen in both primary care by clinicians and in the gym by coaches. We’ll cover the background epidemiology, pathophysiology, and available treatments including training, nutrition, and lifestyle modification so that the attendee is armed with an arsenal of information to put into immediate practice.

Lecture topics include:

  • Exercise Screening and Prescription
  • Obesity, Insulin Resistance, and Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Nutrition and Supplementation Prescription
  • Programming for Strength and Conditioning
  • Pain and Injury
  • Stress, Training, and the Brain
  • Fatigue and Recovery
  • Hormones and Training

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